Easter at Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

What an amazing watch the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach contest was!

Mick Fanning made his run all the way to the final where he was just pipped at the post by Italo Ferreira who was on devastating form all the way through the competition!
It will be interesting to see the future unfold for both surfers, Mick surfing in exotic locations around the world, he already has the Rip Curl Search stickers on his board making it very clear what his intensions are!
And Italo who can surf better switch stance than many millions of surfers on the planet! If he can get some consistency and stay on form he has a real world title shot! and will be very hard to beat!

Good on ya Mick what an inspiration to so many! enjoy your retirement!

Video of the final at Bells Beach!

Firewire a surfboard company for the future!

As surfers, most of us are in touch with nature and the environment the ocean is where we choose to play! Unfortunately the equipment we use to ride the ocean waves is about as toxic as it gets!
FireWire surfboards are a company that seem to really want to make a difference but its a very tough road to follow from a business perspective.
The surfboard industry is very unique, a surfer can go and buy a surfboard directly from a factory for less than a company like Firewire can produce one of their surfboards for trade. There is no other sport where one can purchase products in this fashion.
The industry has been producing throw away surfboards for many decades and is seriously lagging behind in sustainability. Why is it taking so long for an industry so close to nature to work it out?
Pro surfing definitely has some accountability, only 3 prolific surfers on the WSL ride EPS surfboards Kelly Slater, Stu Kennedy and Michel Bourez , the rest are riding PE/PU surfboards. But with Kelly Slater 11 times world champion riding Firewire and investing heavily into the company, hopefully things will change and that message will influence every surfer.

Video of Kelly testing new Firewire/Slater designs equipment the North Shore of Hawaii this week!

What are some things Firewire are doing that is different?
  • Firewire last for years! And have a resale value
  • They use less toxic materials in production which also cuts out the need for use of the highly toxic chemical acetone to clean out brushes etc
  • They are compressing the dust created to produce paving stones
  • Using recycled and reusable packaging that is more than 5 times the expense to the company
  • Gaining a fair trade certificate
  • Gives 5 percent of its profits to surfing and environmental foundations
  • Helping develop new traction pads that are made from algae

Mark Price Firewire CEO says that they would like the other big players in the surfing industry to follow suit and manufacture sustainable eco surfboards. But understands that the smaller manufacturers are not in a position at this time Firewire has had to move its operation to Thailand just so they can be competitive .

Also that the WSL are totally behind their ethos but it will probably be a gradual process until one day the WSL Professional surfers will be riding more planet friendly equipment.

Mark Price admits that Firewire are not perfect yet but are constantly striving towards a totally sustainable product.

Mike Raven surfing his new Firewire Tomo Evo at Praia do Zavial in the Algarve, Portugal

I personally have bought a Frewire Tomo EVO recently and love the way it surfs and it has given me a new lease of life!

I also own a old Spitfire that is 6 years old, I surfed it hard for several years and then my son surfed it for a while and just recently I surfed it again! I could still sell it and someone else would be able to get more use out of it.

We are lucky to own a surf school in Lagos Portugal and I am able to test ride the board on the Algarve beaches

The price tag is high but the longevity in performance and condition more than justifies the price, not to mention all of the above reasons!

Hats off to fire wire!

All the above were taken from the presentation in the video below given by Mark Price CEO of Firewire Surfboards and is well worth a watch!:)

Wave Pools

Most of us will have seen the amazing videos of Kelly’s wave at the awesome surf ranch in California. 10 years of secretive planning and design, the wave when first revealed, was a freight train barrel but with some tweaking now has sections for power turns and progressive manoeuvres.

Video of Kelly Slaters wave first look!

A show case event, with some of the best surfers in the world has been held with great adulation from the competing surfers themselves. On the back of the event there is now a scheduled event on next years WSL tour.
Is this a step closer to, as Bobby Martinez said in his famous interview, a wannabe tennis tour?
There is no doubt that Kelly’s wave allows for an even playing field, each wave will be exactly the same so the luck factor of finding a good wave will be taken out of the equation. It also potentially makes the experience far more interesting for the spectators both at the venue and online.
I personally watch many of the WSL events online and the production has become very polished, the only problem is at times it’s a very boring experience and trying to get my 9 year old son engaged (although a super keen grommet) the action is just too slow and boring for him. I don’t mind the waffle from the commentators, that fills the large gap in action but for Taylor its like watching paint dry.

A surfer will only have their allotted waves so they will be under new pressures to stay on and perform as the chance of another wave will no longer be available which should make things very exciting!

Video of the Future classic at Kelly Slaters Wav

Surfing is now included in the Olympics and the advancement in wave pool technologies means that the hosting country no longer needs an ocean. This is very handy as wave pools can now be built for the competitions and then potentially be used for a viable business after the events. We could one day have a world champion who learned to surf in a wave pool?
There are some interesting times ahead for pro surfing in 2018 it will be great to see if surfing will become more main stream as the WSL so desperately craves. Is the layman interested in watching surfers doing very similar turns on waves repetitively? An interesting point put across by Bobby in later interviews after his famous outburst. The world seems to be fascinated with football which is very repetitive and at times is very boring to watch but almost every person has picked up a football at some point and given it a tap.
Wave pools in every city? This could also bring surfing closer to the general publics heart and be more accessible to the masses.
Do we as surfers want it to become mainstream? Line ups around the world are already becoming oversaturated, or is that a selfish attitude?

Video of Bobby Martinez venting about pro surfing (Includes very bad language)
Martinez was band form competing on the world tour for life!

Video of some later thoughts from Martinez

Surf Talk : "Corduroy to the horizon dude" ?

corduroy lines to the horizon

There are many confusing words in surfing! Words that mean something very different in the real world!:)

So when a surfer says that it is Corduroy! they mean that the swell lines are really good and stretching out to the horizon this would usually mean the wind is offshore or very light also which is good!
As you can see the corduroy lines in the image above on the west coast of the Algarve are very defined!
Corduroy jeans have very even lines in them and surfers in the 60's and 70's wore corduroy jeans a lot.

"Corduroy to the horizon dude"

This is a good statement (apart from dude!) and means the surf is PUMPING!:)

Surfing Quote! Michael Peterson

Above a video of Michael Peterson Surfing

When asked how he kept winning surfing competitions

“I Could Say, But I Won’t Say.”

Michael Peterson

Style? does it matter?

Watch this video one of the most stylish surfers ever to live! carving beautiful lines on Californian walls!

Taylor is in his late 40's, pretty amazing stuff!!:)

Style matters!?

Reasons to come surfing in the Algarve

"If you're having a bad day, catch a wave."

Frosty Hesson

getting ready for a surf

Why do we find surfing so therapeutic?

Surfing is such a great escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life! We all have some kind of stress in our every day life that we would like to just leave behind even if for just a few hours.

Surfing has a great way of keeping us in the moment! Our fight or flight mechanism is held at bay and we can really experience a flow state which is a very nice feeling.

The exercise in its self releases good chemicals into our body which also gives us a natural high, surfing is fun and very rewarding and motivation is easy to find! Unlike going to the gym

Surfing Fun in Lagos Portugal

"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun."
Phil Edwards

Video of Taylor and Mike having fun surfing at Meia Praia beach in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

It doesn't really matter how big the surf is! If you go in the sea with the right attitude and the right equipment you can almost always have fun!:)

Surfing is life!

Surfing is a way of life not a sport! If you really want to know what it's like to live in the moment! Learn to surf!:

live the dream

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